she said what?

story telling performance, performed on MS teams

lockdown portraits

Reflecting through family portraits, the constraints and confines of UK Lockdown during the Covid-19 Corona Virus Pandemic

taking a magnet for a walk 2

The magnet becomes a lens of touch. Attraction, resistance, force and weight; feeling the environment through the pull of a magnet on metal or the weight of an object on a string. ​One can reflect on the items collected as archaeological finds and muse upon what it says of our culture anthropologically.

taking a mirror for a walk

I use mirrors as lenses to reflect and distort. It is possible to confuse and disrupt the expected view at the same time as honing in on small sections or colours and representing them to an audience through documentation.​

zoom us

the sounds and experiences of zoom or similar

puddle walking

Feeling the resistance of the water. ​Listening to the water as it moves. There is a reconnection to nature and an embracing of touch.​ ​Droplets resonate, a strange order in the chaos.​ Splashing feels anarchic.

scraping a path / building a mound (after the rain)

From a series of art walks created during the UK Government imposed lockdown 2020 and the prescribed one hour of daily exercise outside. A path is scraped through the debris and a mound of blossom created at the end.

dog piss paintings

Found paintings, left by dogs, on designer bollards at multi billion pound development in London


a series of non starter, micro installations that fail to get going and fall short of intention. thus mirroring the feeling of apathy felt during the covid 19 pandemic

and breathe

a motorcycle cover appears to breathe as it inflates and deflates in the wind. filmed during the uk lockdown.

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