multidisciplinary artist

installation, sculpture, sound, video, performance, mark making, curation

“super low frequency attenuation deflector, #2” 2022, Bexley, London

I am a multidisciplinary artist exploring performative artwork as construction, contraption or installation. Pairing domestic and industrial objects with reactive materials and kinetic elements I hope to create a sense of awe and wonder, inviting the viewer to catch a glimpse by revealing that which is unseen or hinted at; to highlight invisible forces and make concepts tangible.

Recent Works

I am always interested in exploring opportunities to exhibit, curate, or collaborate on projects.
Please get in touch to discuss.


Happy to have my work installed at True. House near Buckingham Palace, London, curated by Inhouse Art


‘Altered Planes’ one day art event and exhibition. Metre2, 9 Beaumont Avenue, London W14 9LP Thursday 13th April 2023 Doors 5pm, PV 7pm, late bar til 11.30pm Free entry. Tickets


Build Hollywood

Expect the unexpected as contemporary sculpture comes to Bexley 2022 07.04

“…it casts fragile, luminous coloured shadows on the surrounding tufted flora which then becomes part of the piece’s understated but curiously magical quality.”


Stone Lane Gardens Exhibition 2022 is now closed but the Sculpture catalogue is still available to view online


Lorraine Snape graduated from Chelsea MAFA in 2021 and is a member of AltMFA the peer led alternative art school. She lives and works in Central London.