Utilising magnets, fans, mirrors and small explosives,

I want to create a sense of awe, inviting the viewer to catch a glimpse by revealing that which is unseen or hinted at; to highlight invisible forces and make concepts tangible. 

I am fascinated with the materiality of things and conversely elusiveness itself. Subtle interventions create an illusion and evoke a sense of mysticism. My work performs through an alchemy of chemical reactions and physical forces; employing suspension, magnetism, convection and kinesis. 

The everydayness of objects such as fans, motors and balloons, belie the event being played out and act as the perfect magician, misdirecting. The performer is both the machinery and the ethereal motion it provides. 

My work can be perceived as calming and meditative, yet can paradoxically be grating and irritating, inducing feelings of anxiety and tension. Within this dichotomy, it is playful, with an anarchic sense of humour; celebrating everyday moments of wonder whilst nervously hinting at impending doom. I am interested in going beyond restrictions and experimenting with risk and see the audience as active participant.

physical shows

2020 01.09-05.09 Raw, The Shopfront 286, 286 Caledonian Road, London N1

2020 22.03-25.04 The Secret Is Out, Conway Hall, London WC1 POSTPONED

2020 26.02-29.03 Ashes to Passion, St Saviours Church, Pimlico, London SW1

2020 25.02-28.02 Mardi Gras Festival, Cookhouse Gallery & Chelsea College of Arts, Millbank, London SW1

2020 13.02-14.02 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? Cookhouse Gallery, Millbank, London SW1

2019 12.12-20.12 Un1t, Triangle Space, Millbank, London SW1

2019 05.12-06.12 Side Bar, Cookhouse Gallery, Millbank, London SW1

2019 16.10 Bureau de Change, International Festival, Chelsea College of Arts, London SW1

2019 08.10-11.10 Off Site, Tate Britain, Millbank, and surrounding area, London SW1

2019 02.10-03.10 Departure Lounge, Chelsea College of Arts, London SW1

2019 30.05-31.05 Plosives, Guest Projects, London E8

online shows

2020 05.09 Cognitive Contagion (by Ben Woodeson) Ideas that are art communicated through the use of words presented on social media. Instagram @cognitivecontagion

2020 29.06 Don’t Rain On My Parade (Pride 2020), Extraordinary Times

2020 21.05 She said what? MS Teams Performance

2020 13.04 [un]COMFORT ZONE https://soooup.wixsite.com/comfortzone


2020 31.03-09.06 Toilet Press Releases, Gallery at home, Pimlico

2020 22.03 Festival of Alternative Arts POSTPONED


2019 24.05-31.05 Guest Projects, London E8