• no name sculptures

    from ASC Open Studios 2023 reconfigured studio items. reformed steel, glass discs, mirror ball motors, concreted and aerated concreted blocks, led lights, cable ties, felt beater

  • glistening


    Suspended glass discs form a lily pad around a pond, swaying in the wind. At times they’re transparent and at others, reflective; projecting colour onto the surroundings. Changing light and weather conditions present a work that is constantly shifting

  • refresh interval (expanded)

    refresh interval (expanded)

    3 x folded steel sheets, programmable LED lights, electric fans. 2023

  • art on tour (micro installation)

    art on tour (micro installation)

    plastic discs, irridescent film 2022 canford cliffs, dorset north cornwall dartmoor, devon

  • nymphaeaceae (art on tour)

    nymphaeaceae (art on tour)

    reclaimed table top glass, irridescent film 2022 dartmoor

  • bubble breath series

    bubble breath series

    metallic watercolour paint on watercolour paper, 2022

  • fruitless activities, part II

    fruitless activities, part II

    reconstructed steel frame, speaker stand, airbag packaging, spray paint and a lemon

  • fruitless activities, part I

    fruitless activities, part I

    citrus fruits, magnets, wires, metal, propellors, motors, clips, switches, bulbs and digital clock, 2022

  • perimeter peripherals

    perimeter peripherals

    mirror ball motors and paint daubers, 2022

  • refresh interval

    refresh interval

    site specific installation with programmable LED lights, 2022

  • magnitudes of displacement

    magnitudes of displacement

    companion pieces to “super low frequency attenuation deflector”. these irridescent limited edition works on paper, harness refraction and appear to capture light with shifting ethereal reflections in hues of sun and moon light

  • super low frequency attenuation deflector, #2

    super low frequency attenuation deflector, #2

    The installation plays with the vibration and frequencies of colour and light. Sunlight is exploited in the outdoor setting to produce shifting reflections and projections of colour which change as they meet and cross over at different points in the day. Despite the apparent calm nature of the installation, with its spectrum of pleasing colours,…

  • dewpoint


    Orange tarpaulin, transparent tarpaulins, Super8 projector, LED lights, glass airfryer bowls, 2 pond misters, glass gu dishes, 2021

  • super low frequency attenuation deflector

    super low frequency attenuation deflector

    There is a type of system implied by the discarded ventilation units. It produces and reflects visual noise – vibrations and frequencies produced by colour and light. The “noise” bounces between the glass elements which produce them. The steel elements form a system which includes acoustic attenuation, a type of dampening, but the glass, and…

  • four tine
  • precarious


    glass precariously suspended between a stretchy bungee cord above and a bouncy balloon below

  • audio video disco

    audio video disco

    There’s an urban myth which says that a school in the UK was forced to change its motto, “I hear, I see, I learn” because the Latin subjected it to ridicule! This piece plays with that motto “Audio Video Disco” as its title; the idea of gaining knowledge juxtaposed against the inherent humour we interpret…

  • sea painting: a paper’s journey

    sea painting: a paper’s journey

    Lured by romantic notions, I took a roll of paper into the sea and out again onto the shore, reconnecting with nature physically through a performance of sorts which simultaneously produced a work on paper en plein air, thus resulting in an absurdity that is at one and the same time capable of being both…

  • spindle


    Carefully balanced between the marking of time and the risk of collapse or breakage, a pendulum hovers millimeters from the floor. Reminiscent of a spindle in form, it brings to mind the idiom spinning a yarn, used to express the telling of a long imaginative story – or lie.

  • all at sea

    all at sea

    Completely lost or deeply confused, out of sight of land; as a nation surrounded by water, we are unironically “at sea”; our country has perhaps lost its anchor. A discombobulated nation; adrift in a dangerous or uncertain position. And whilst all around are playing, an insignificant boat, all at sea, sinks unnoticed.

  • police disco on my ceiling

    police disco on my ceiling

    it is lockdown, and my neighbours crave attention, so lets have a disco in the kitchen. lighting courtesy of the police.

  • basking


    Basking in the dancing sunlight that filtered into my flat during UK lockdown 2020

  • she said what?

    she said what?

    story telling performance, performed on MS teams

  • lockdown portraits

    lockdown portraits

    Reflecting through family portraits, the constraints and confines of UK Lockdown during the Covid-19 Corona Virus Pandemic

  • taking a magnet for a walk 2

    taking a magnet for a walk 2

    The magnet becomes a lens of touch. Attraction, resistance, force and weight; feeling the environment through the pull of a magnet on metal or the weight of an object on a string. ​One can reflect on the items collected as archaeological finds and muse upon what it says of our culture anthropologically.

  • taking a mirror for a walk

    taking a mirror for a walk

    I use mirrors as lenses to reflect and distort. It is possible to confuse and disrupt the expected view at the same time as honing in on small sections or colours and representing them to an audience through documentation.​

  • zoom us

    zoom us

    the sounds and experiences of zoom or similar

  • puddle walking

    puddle walking

    Feeling the resistance of the water. ​Listening to the water as it moves. There is a reconnection to nature and an embracing of touch.​ ​Droplets resonate, a strange order in the chaos.​ Splashing feels anarchic.

  • scraping a path / building a mound (after the rain)

    scraping a path / building a mound (after the rain)

    From a series of art walks created during the UK Government imposed lockdown 2020 and the prescribed one hour of daily exercise outside. A path is scraped through the debris and a mound of blossom created at the end.

  • dog piss paintings

    dog piss paintings

    Found paintings, left by dogs, on designer bollards at multi billion pound development in London

  • apathy


    a series of non starter, micro installations that fail to get going and fall short of intention. thus mirroring the feeling of apathy felt during the covid 19 pandemic

  • and breathe

    and breathe

    a motorcycle cover appears to breathe as it inflates and deflates in the wind. filmed during the uk lockdown.

  • masked


    a series of micro installations featuring the epochal mask

  • would you care to dance

    would you care to dance

    polystyrene beads spin and dance beneath a fan in this micro installation

  • take it (slow)

    take it (slow)

    a slow walk along a short path, but nonetheless impactful for it

  • art / life balance

    art / life balance

    making art and entertaining the kids with the added bonus of having performers on hand. a micro installation video from lockdown

  • move over

    move over

    when you’re at the top it is often short lived. there’s always something ready to push you over the edge.

  • no-one lives in a vacuum

    no-one lives in a vacuum

    Reflecting on life in lockdown. Polystyrene balls inside a plastic tube swirl around caught in the convection of two fans which sit either end.

  • a different path

    a different path

    when you’re stuck at home during lockdown you can still take a different path

  • toilet press releases

    toilet press releases

    When lockdown started toilet paper was in short supply so I gathered up all the available paper in the house whilst contemplating teaching my kids how to use a jug of water.

  • bubbling under

    bubbling under

    something is bubbling up from underneath but the world keeps turning

  • impact (imminent)

    impact (imminent)

    As the impact plays out, the balloon becomes balletic, displaying a certain beauty in its deathly end.

  • step (this way)

    step (this way)

    Hiding in plain sight, this sensitive installation, only occasionally makes its presence known to those who pass over it or care to take a closer look. This is a subtle intervention in a place of quiet reflection and contemplation, where we consider the small and everyday elements of life alongside the spiritual.

  • charred (remains)

    charred (remains)

    The ritual of striking a match, to light a candle and think of a loved one, is commonplace in church. This artwork is intended to draw attention to this and act as a focus for further pause and contemplation.

  • satellites of love

    satellites of love

    a universe of dust and galaxies reflect off of a chrome beach ball and hexagonal mirrors. a giant disco ball satellite to celebrate mardi gras

  • what will be will be

    what will be will be

    The balloon is floating majestically in the air, but at times the falls to the ground and bobs along. It precariously hovers above mouse traps, occasionally triggering them.

  • constrained


    the ball cannot comfortably fit in this environment, it cannot freely roll down the slope, or pass through doorways, it is constrained

  • off track

    off track

    Up high on the gallery wall, 2 wobbly black whips slowly rotate like the hands of a clock. rhythmically carving tracks through fun snaps nestled on a shelf below. Occasionally one falls and the explosion resonates through the space and beyond.

  • off balance

    off balance

    ball bearings, magnets, mirror ball motors and saloon door hinges combine in a series of works precariously balanced and deliberately arranged to watch, brush past, touch or avoid

  • monochrome suspended

    monochrome suspended

    Magnets and ferromagnetic elements are exploited to suspend plastics, polystyrene and acrylic tubing.

  • hook-a-boat


    paddling pool, ocean balls, encyclopaedia pages, neodymium magnets, string, wooden poles, child’s chair

  • between potential and kinetic

    between potential and kinetic

    torch, cord, luminous paint

  • taking a magnet for a walk

    taking a magnet for a walk

    neodymium magnet, twine, found materials

  • briefcase installation
  • ice trials

    ice trials

    My work with ice evolved from reigniting an interest in drawing and taking it back to its most basic state. From utilising water to make subtle marks, I reintroduced colour to map the path of melting ice. Focusing on traces and marks left behind I aim to portray absent memories by revealing a transparent history.…

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