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audio video disco

audio video disco from Lorraine Snape on Vimeo.

sea painting: a paper’s journey

Lured by romantic notions, I took a roll of paper into the sea and out again onto the shore, reconnecting with nature physically through a performance of sorts which simultaneously produced a work on paper en plein air, thus resulting in an absurdity that is at one and the same time capable of being both beautiful and ridiculous in itself and which in turn is mimicked in the film.


Carefully balanced between the marking of time and the risk of collapse or breakage, a pendulum hovers millimeters from the floor. Reminiscent of a spindle in form, it brings to mind the idiom spinning a yarn, used to express the telling of a long imaginative story – or lie.

police disco on my ceiling

it is lockdown, and my neighbours crave attention, so lets have a disco in the kitchen. lighting courtesy of the police.

she said what?

story telling performance, performed on MS teams

lockdown portraits

Reflecting through family portraits, the constraints and confines of UK Lockdown during the Covid-19 Corona Virus Pandemic

zoom us

the sounds and experiences of zoom or similar

dog piss paintings

Found paintings, left by dogs, on designer bollards at multi billion pound development in London


a series of non starter, micro installations that fail to get going and fall short of intention. thus mirroring the feeling of apathy felt during the covid 19 pandemic

would you care to dance

polystyrene beads spin and dance beneath a fan in this micro installation

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